Relación de los parches Metazoa activados en parche preparado por mi listo para instalar, si bien cada cual puede hacerse un parche a medida activando o desactivando las opciones que le interesen.

Nota: Puede haber alguna variación en los parches existentes o activados en función del firmware. El siguiente listado son los parches activados en el fw 4.11.11982


LIBNICKEL.SO.1.0.0  Activado
Rename new home screen footer:  
Set slide to unlock:  
Enable rotation on all devices: SI
Both page turn buttons go next:  
Both page turn sides go next:  
Rename settings:  
Set reading footer height: SI
Replace adobe page numbers toggle with invert screen: SI
My 10 line spacing values: SI
My 24 line spacing values:  
Custom left & right margins: SI
Custom font sizes: SI
Freedom to advanced fonts control: SI
ePub fixed/adjustable top/bottom margins:  
ePub fixed top/bottom margins:  
ePub disable built-in body padding-bottom:  
Custom kepub default margins:  
Block WiFi firmware upgrade: SI
Custom footer (page number text):  
Custom Sleep/Power-off timeouts:  
Set KePub hyphenation:  
Fix three KePub fullScreenReading bugs:  
Force user line spacing in KePubs: SI
Force user line spacing in ePubs (part 1 of 2): SI
Un-force font-family override p tags (std epubs):  
Force user font-family in ePubs (Part 1 of 2):  
ePub constant font sharpness:  
KePub constant font sharpness:  
Un-Force user text-align in div,p tags in KePubs:  
Always display chapter name on navigation menu: SI
Un-Force user font-family in KePubs:  
Un-force link decoration in KePubs:  
KePub stylesheet additions:  
Change dicthtml strings to micthtml:  
Allow searches on Extra dictionaries: SI
Ignore .otf fonts:  
Clock display duration:  
Keyboard template (Mini/Touch/Glo/Aura):  
Keyboard template (AuraHD/H2O):  
Keyboard template (GloHD/ClaraHD/AuraOne/H2O2):  
Cyrillic keyboard (Mini/Touch/Glo/Aura/AuraHD/H2O):  
Cyrillic Keyboard (GloHD/ClaraHD/AuraOne/H2O2):  
Always show confirmation dialog before upgrading:  
Arabic keyboard (Mini/Touch/Glo/Aura/AuraHD/H2O):  
Hebrew keyboard (Mini/Touch/Glo/Aura):  
Hebrew keyboard (AuraHD/H2O):  
Hebrew keyboard (GloHD/ClaraHD/AuraOne/H2O2):  
Greek Keyboard (GloHD/ClaraHD/AuraOne/H2O2):  
Dictionary text font-family/font-size/line-height - beta:  
Dictionary, remove long winded closest match notification:  
Wikipedia Search language:  
LIBMSDK.SO.1.0.0 Activado
Disable orphans/widows avoidance: SI
Default ePub monospace font (Courier): SI
Default ePub serif font (Amasis):  
Default ePub sans-serif font (Gill Sans):  
Default ePub symbol font (Symbol):  
Force user line spacing in ePubs (Part 2 of 2): SI
Force user font-family in ePubs (Part 2 of 2):  
Ignore ePub book Adobe XPGT stylesheet (page-template.xpgt):  
Ignore ePub book CSS and Adobe XPGT stylesheets:  
Ignore ePub TOC navpoints:  
NICKEL Activado
Show all games: SI
Remove forgot pin button from lock screen:  
Remove recommendations (row1col2) from home screen: SI
Change pop-up footnote font-family:  
Disable reading footer:  
Custom reading footer style: SI
Custom synopsis/details line spacing:  
Custom synopsis/font size:  
New home screen increasing cover size:  
Fix reading stats/author name cut off when series is showing: SI
Custom menubar - reduce height by 33%: SI
Custom menubar - reduce height by 50%:  
Dictionary pop-up - increase available text area: SI
Changing the info panel in full size screensaver- beta 1: SI
Increase the cover size in library: SI
Increase the view details container size: SI
Increase size of kepub chapter progress chart: SI
Custom font to collection and author titles:  
Increase headlines font:  
New home screen subtitle custom font:  
Remove footer (row3) and increase cover size on new home screen: SI
Remove footer (row3) on new home screen:  
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